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Is There a Way to Explain PMS to Your Kids?

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By marybabysteps · May 26, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

My God, am I cranky! For the last several days, I have been so on edge. I know what it is. My husband knows what it is. He may not like it, but he sort of understands it. Of course, it's PMS. But how the hell do you explain pre-menstrual syndrome to your kids? Poor things. They just think their mama's a nut job who snaps out at the littlest thing or bursts into tears over nothing. Damn.

My older kids are 9 and 11 now. So I've actually broached the subject somewhat with them. I think they're old enough to grasp the concept of something happening in a grown-up woman's body (raging hormones) that makes her crankier and moodier than usual. I've also told them that I try not to let PMS cause me to yell at them or to be angry over little things. They say they understand (kind of). But can they, really? And my little guy is only two - he couldn't possibly understand.

It's so frustrating. I know we all deal with it, but I feel so bad that the kids don't get why mom's being such a bitch. Especially when we go somewhere. Trips or outings are supposed to be fun, but I just get so on-edge when I'm out of my element during PMS. Poor kids. Damn mommy guilt.

At least I've taken proactive steps to talk to the kids about it. I hate feeling like there's NOTHING I can do about a situation or about my actions. I refuse to take that stance. So I've explained it to them the best I can. I'm also trying to use self-calming techniques like deep breathing and counting to ten. And, yes, I do take something. I totally believe in using prescriptions to help you be your best person.

What do you do when you're PMS'ing? Have you talked to your kids about it? Come on, help a mama out.


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posted by Anonymous

Man is that a tough one, one I will eventually have to face myself. I would take full advantage of a little you time (when you can) and explain what you are feeling at the time and that sometimes we all have moments like these, not just woman! Its a reminder to take care of ourselves. Look to foods rich in B vitamins to help moods and drink lots of water. Good luck and please come back if you have a good talk to share.

posted by Necip

wow.. thank you so much for writing this post. REALLY huepfll. Goodness, I can't name the number of times I've been unreasonable about fights. I can't stop picking fights, it just gets out of control and escalates.. as a woman, I cant help but try to figure out if it's a childhood trauma from my parents or something? I'm wondering why I would act so crazy. I'm normally an extremely logical person, but when it come to this, I don't think logic works. Do people just do it because they're not happy? is there always a deeply embedded reason why people do this? or is it just simply because I'm just a bad person? It's driving me insane..


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posted by www.obama-won.com

Thanks for the insight. It brings light into the dark!


Your post has moved the debate forward. Thanks for sharing!

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