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Review: up&up Gummy Vitamins by Target #spon

Written by marybabysteps on November 19, 2012

Target's up&up is a brand sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide. The up&up brand is made up over over 1,000 quality products, spanning 45 categories. The categories include: health care, household care, personal care, baby care and beauty. My family and I were recently asked to try out the up&up Multivitamin for adults and children. I was happy to agree to this, as my kids have always taken multivitamins. I know they can be rather pricey, and the idea of finding an affordable brand they like and will take was appealing to me. Learning about the adult multivitamins was intriguing to me, as well. I don't always eat as well as I should, and I'm sure I could use a supplement of vitamins in my daily diet. 

Because the food we eat today is often lacking in nutrients, multivitamins are necessary for healthy growth and development. This applies to everyone, both children and adults. The up&up Adults' Gummy Multivamin are easy to chew and provide the same healthy nutrients found in the children's formula. Targets up&up line carries a full line of vitamins for everyone in the family. You'll find a variety of form options - from gummies to pills. 

We've been taking the multivitamins for over a week now, and I have to tell you that I'm impressed so far. Let's start with the taste. Frankly, I think that's most important. If you can't get it down, what good is a multivitamin? We are a picky family. Well, the kids and I are picky. Bill will ingest anything, really. But as far as the kids and I go, we really like these multivitamins! The adult formula comes in cherry, peach and orange flavors, while the kids get an assortment of colorful bear-shaped vitamins to choose from. My little guy especially likes this. 

What is really awesome about these multivitamins is that both options contain all nattural colors and flavors. Also, they have no wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts or soy. That's really important with so many allergies being seen in our population today. In fact, I'm slightly allergic to wheat, milk and eggs. I appreciate that sensitivity to these ingredients was taken into account in formulation. 

Overall, I'm very satisfied with these products. With the samples we were provided, each bottle contains 70 vitamins, and the recommended dosage is 2 per adult, up to 2 per child. I believe Target sells a 190-count version, as well. I'm all for the value sizes, personally. But, overall, I have to say the quality, price and taste of these vitamins is impressive. I've always been impressed with Target products and will be sure to try out more up&up products in the future. 

Would you like to try one of up&up's line of products? Visit Target's coupon page for up to $1.00 off select products. 

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Thanks for the insight. Vitamins are one of those things that are mostly overlooked. By sharing your experience with us, I am am bound to view them differently. Thanks.

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