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Clean Desk, Clean Slate

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By marybabysteps · January 9, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

It's about a week into 2013, and I'm feeling pretty good. I love the new year. It's a time of possibilities. I'm a firm believer in makkng small "changes every day, and I don't think anyone has to wait until the new year or for a special occasion to get started. Obviously, I live my life by a "babysteps philosophy. However, the change of the year's digits always make me feel hopeful and fresh. It's a new year - as good a time as any to make new things happen!

I decided to make some physical changes around my house to help usher in the less tangible changes I hope to embrace this year. The first place I started with was my bedroom/office. As a work-at-home mom, I spend a good portion of my day here at this computer. So it made sense to start here in organizaing and decluttering my surroundings. My hope is that less clutter in my physical environment will lead to less clutter in my mind. Focus is certainly one of my big goals for this year. I think I'm off to a good start. 

Here are pictures of my desk and side table where most of my clutter once resided. I didn't take a "before" picture. Let's just say, "Out with the old, and in with the new" when it comes to the way things used to be. The only thing I want to focus on is the here and now. 

My next steps are to begin using all those beautiful office supplies to help me organize my blogs and my writing projects. I've already gotten off to a good start by finding a free blogging planner. This one's from Barely Mommy, and here is a round up from Babble of 10 free blog planners. There seems to be a style that wil work for everyone. I chose the one from Barely Mommy because it's simple and pretty, but it offers extra space for taking notes. I love to jot down notes. I hope to be much better at planning my posts ahead of time in 2013. I also intend to write more for myself. I have three active blogs, and I'd like to focus on them above outside projects. There's that word "focus" again. My theme for 2013 will definitely be "focus."

What are your goals for 2013? have you set any or do you strive to move forward every day without setting lofty goals just at the new year?

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